Repair (reconditioning) of Carpigiani and Coldelite ice-cream machines pump.

Repair consists of:
- machining of used chambers where driving gears works.
- replacing the main bush polished and chromed.
- replacing side bush, chromium plating and grinding
- making two gears precisely fitted to the chambers
- repair used cover
- O-ring replacement

After the reconditioning such pump should work up to 3 next seasons.

We make also other components for ice cream machines, depending on the specific needs

The most common symptom of used pump that requires total repair is a problem with taking the ice cream mass. Gears wipes the walls of the chambers and cover. The pump requires a perfect fiting gears in chambers to make proper vacuum to suck ice cream mass.

Well regenerated pump saves ice mass up to 70%. Ice cream is fluffy and more delicious.
See videos how reconditioned pump works in the machine. Such ice creams can be obtained only through a well-regenerated pump.

Videos presented thanks to Rafał Nawrat.

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