Fuel deaerator MTO-S i MTO-D

Gass in the fuel and a foam at the output of the engine is a common problem in the measurement of the fuel consumption in diesel engines.Flow meters without the proper fuel degassing at the output of the engine can result in big errors in measurements. Bubbles of gas passing through the chamber of the flowmeter increase the volume of fuel that may affect the measurement that the fuel consumption increase in the system rather than decrease.

The solution for this problem is to use flowmeter with integrated deaerator (our flow meter MTF), or attach a separate deaerator to used flow meter. Deaerator produced by our company is the only one available on the market taht is designed for use in difficult conditions. Deaerator is made from thick aluminum that makes it extremely durable. By using carefully selected valves deaerator is very small resistance in the fuel system. The deaerator may be used in devices using returning the fuel back to the engine (highly accurate) or differential as a measuring method.

Due to the use of these valves for different measurement methods deaerator is available in two versions:
- MTO-D - for differential method
- MTO-S - for returning fuel method (closed system)

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