Fuel flow meter

to meet the market expectations of fuel control we oferes the best solutions of fuel flow measurement for diesel engines. With our offer you choose proven solutions, fully tested in the market and cheaper than the competition. Our systems provide you accurate flow measurement of fuel consumption and the appropriate protection against device manipulations. This solution is much better and more accurate than commonly used fuel probes. For this reason our products are used in professional systems where accuracy and safety of the system is important.

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Try out our brand - equipment to fuel consumption control Moto Flow. If you have any questions, ask us: tziecik@zimetronic.com

More about our flow meters can be found here - fuel flow meter

Monitor stand

We offer you our new product for home and business users. Our stands are a solution for lack of space on your desk. You can hide your keyboard and mouse or other devices under the monitor. Stand improves the ergonomics of computer which has a good effect on your spine.

Soon we introduce our special stand for TV and monitors dedicated for game consoles (such as PS3, Xbox 360, Wii). Stands will allow to place the console and pads under the TV.

Advantages of our stands:

- extra space on your desk
- monitor at the correct height (health of your spine)
- ergonomic work with computer
- aesthetic design (good look with PC and Apple - iMac)
- very high durability

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